Jerry Mickulek wins 3 Gun Nationals with AR GOLD Trigger, the number one AR15 trigger in the world

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Shortest Reset


For Ultra High Speed Shooting – reset travel is everything. Even the best of the of the aftermarket AR triggers can’t get below about  .070” Since we started with a clean piece of paper and knew we wanted the ultimate high speed precision trigger, we keep the reset short and clean. How short? Depending on where you set the over travel,  just over .030” – that’s right less then half the reset travel. With the AR Gold trigger, you just relax your finger a bit and it resets – like a well set up 1911.

Here is what the Ultimate Trigger Master Jerry Miculek has to say about the AR Gold reset:

"The AR Gold trigger is the best there is. Not only is it lightning fast, the reset is so short I don't even have to think about it - I just shoot and the trigger takes care of itself. The AR Gold trigger is a must-have for both high speed and precision shooting."

- Jerry Miculek

He's not alone:

"The short reset movement allows shots to be fires at a high rate of speed when necessary, the beautiful action allows for precision fire that was only obtainable in a two stage design in the past. When I first heard about the trigger I was skeptical, but after installing it in a rifle... I will be installing these triggers in all my rifles!"

- Michael Voigt



Check out the installation video to see just how short our reset actually is.

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