Why the AR Gold is the Best AR Trigger

“From the moment I first saw the AR Gold trigger, I could see that it was a completely new concept in trigger design. It was clearly well thought out and engineered to address the problems that have hounded conventional  AR triggers for years. I had complete confidence in it from the start.”

Human Factors

While we came to the AR GOLD project with an extensive shooting background, we did not rely upon our subjective opinions of what constituted the ideal trigger. Instead, we made extensive use of a Trigger Scan machine to scientifically measure and identify the characteristics of truly outstanding triggers on a variety different firearms. We learned that a single stage trigger with very slight and light take up offers an advantage over both a single stage trigger with no take-up – and an even bigger advantage over a two-stage trigger. We also learned the characteristics of the perfect break, and the merit of a reset so short that it takes care of itself during recoil. In other words we learned how to make a trigger that is invisible to the shooter, the perfect trigger.


There are many aspects to trigger Safety. With a weapon used for fighting, a trigger that lets you hit faster is Safer. A trigger that works is safer than one that malfunctions at the worst possible time. A trigger whose action, reliability and durability has earned your confidence is safer because it lets you concentrate on the job at hand. On the other side of the equation, we sure want a trigger that will not allow the weapon to fire unless the trigger is pressed. The AR GOLD contains a second “intercepting” sear which will block the hammer if it’s jarred off of the primary sear with the trigger forward, yet still allows the weapon to be fired without re-cocking.

Absolute Reliability

No matter how fine the trigger action, if it’s a picky, critical adjustment, installation dependent temperamental thing that only works when it’s completely clean and you hold your mouth just right…. well, whats the point? The AR GOLD was designed from the ground up with a robust design philosophy. It’s engagement is set internally, so variations in receiver hole location and size have no effect on trigger pull or reliability. It is tolerant of huge amounts of dirt and grime. Because of our unique design, there is no need for an adjustable safety selector for proper safety engagement. The AR GOLD even includes exit paths for blown primers.


Durability is reliability over time, or in our case – round counts. There have long been AR triggers that deliver a good trigger pull, right up to the point that they “go away.” This is caused by taking what is essentially a stock Stoner trigger design and setting it on the very edge of engagement. The slightest bit of  wear or damage and it goes bad, goes away and/or starts to “double.” Our unique design puts the least amount of force possible on the engagement surfaces, all of which have their geometry cut using Wire EDM. Add to that the very best (and most expensive) material – through hardened S7. We also make use of Minimum Constraint Design to reduce stresses placed on moving parts as the action cycles. The result? We have AR GOLD triggers that have been in the field for over 7 years, some of which have gone over the 100,000 round count without issues of any kind.