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Used by National Champion Daniel Horner

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Professional Shooter Testimonials

Jerry Miculek shoots the AR GOLD trigger

Jerry Miculek

National Champion

“From the moment I first saw the AR Gold trigger, I could see that it was a completely new concept in trigger design. It was clearly well thought out and engineered to address the problems that have hounded conventional AR triggers for years. I had complete confidence in it from the start.”

Chip McCormick talks about AR GOLD Trigger

Chip McCormick

National Champion

“The AR Gold trigger is extremely elegant, innovative and effective design incorporating the modular, drop-in trigger concept. A serious upgrade for any AR15 type rifle and certain to be one of the most important and desirable new accessories. I’m looking forward to using one of Ronin’s new AR Gold triggers this hunting season in one of my long range, high precision AR rifles.”
Mike Voigt shoots AR GOLD Trigger

Mike Voigt

National Champion

“The AR Gold trigger is an incredible advancement in AR trigger design. The design allows for a wide range of trigger weight without compromising the reliability at all. The short reset movement allows shots to be fired at a high rate of speed when necessary, the beautiful action allows for precision fire that was only obtainable in a two stage design in the past. When I first heard about the trigger I was skeptical, but after installing it in a rifle… I will be installing these triggers in all my rifles!”
Master Chief Hershel Davis endorses the AR GOLD Trigger

Hershel Davis

Command Master Chief of SEALs (Retired)

“Spent a week with the AR Gold comp trigger in a Bushmaster M4 here at Blackwater USA and it is now in my own personal weapon. All I can say is.”WOW”. If you don’t have one, get one, no, get two. My name is Hershel Davis and I approve this message.”
Bruce Piatt shoots AR GOLD Trigger

Bruce Piatt

National Champion

“My AR Gold triggers are with me constantly, in my 5.56 gun and my DPMS G2 .308 when I shoot Heavy Metal division. I’ve been running them for years now, without a hitch. If you’re looking for a trigger for your AR platform, the AR Gold is money well spent.”
Ken Hackathorne shoots the AR GOLD Trigger

Ken Hackathorn

National Champion

“For those that demand the best in a precision trigger for the AR-15 rifle, American Trigger has cracked the code with the AR Gold trigger, It simply is the final word in ‘crisp sear release’ for target or competition shooting.”